May 16, 2009

This is an ink drawing I did. I really enjoy drawing rolls of fat, which I find strange because I'm very thin. Maybe its a longing for some extra padding?!
This piece was my entry to the Drawing Awards 09, held in the Church Gallery, LSAD, Clare Street.
Its really difficult to get a good photo of it, as the drawing is so faint. Its a pink line drawing of a man regurgitating emoticons(the black + white paper falling to the floor).

May 13, 2009

These are some experiments I've done with print-making. They're not particularly good prints :/ The image
with the glitter works to ram home the gay reference. (Up the shitter...)
The other image is a print where i painted the plate with french polish and layered it several times and let it drip. It love the way it looks, and it reminds me of those old fashioned illustrations from the 18th/19th century, but the goo just looks like extreme diarrhoea. :/

exquisite corpse

This was a mini thought experiment.

even more sketches

more sketchbook pages! These are obviously less dark...
I like them as seductive images, with a more sinister subtle(ish) undercurrent

More pages from my sketchbook...Just experimenting with some of my themes. I'm really enjoying expression through characters...


May 09, 2009

TETRIS -piece

The two short films below were shown simultaneously on a loop at "the make and do society's TETRIS" exhibiton. They were shown on small screens on the floor. I originally planned to construct something the viewer had to climb into in order to view the films, but as I keep learning, I keep trying to say less things at once. However, at the exhibiton opening night I wore the balloon suit -from the video below- casually, as the audience sipped wine and looked at the art. The HUGE crowd caused some mobility problems but it all added to the spectacle!

day to day

originally created to be viewed simultaneously with "home movie" below, the more this film is shown, the more I feel this is a stand-alone piece.

home movie

home movie
recent film of me at home. il try and rectify the low quality soon!?